Seifreid Testimony

''Our oldest child is coming upon the completion of her second year at Wildwood Christian Academy.  In looking for a school, we were adamant about finding an environment that would insulate her from the secular ways of public schools while also giving her the advantage of a quality education.  Besides doing both of these, WCA has also proven to be a daily setting for our Child to walk with Christ and be surrounded and instructed by teachers and staff that are on fire for the Lord.  Each day we have the peace of mind of sending her to a campus full of love and life.  We know that the friends she makes now will be important to her growth as a person for years to come, and are comforted to know that her classmates and their families are also believers and share in her nurturing as a young Christian.  Through our child we are part of this family that prays for us when we are met with struggles, and whom we pray for and over in our own daily walk.  We are so happy with WCA as an institution and as a Christian home that we are preparing to send our second oldest child to first grade there next school year.'' -Shannon Seifried